U.S. Army C-rations

My dad brought back his C-rations and each packet still contains its original contents. Matches Package reads: These matches are designed especially for damp climates. But, they will not light when wet, or after long exposure (several weeks) to very damp air. D.D. Bean & Sons, Jaffrey, NH The C-ration packet below has the following … More U.S. Army C-rations

Heating C-Rations

Excerpt from letter home: 8 October 1967: You asked me once how we heat our C rations. Well about once a month they pass out heating tablets, they’re about 4 in. long about 2 in. wide and 1/2 in. deep, and they burn slow so they’re good to heat food with. It takes about 1/3 … More Heating C-Rations

Gooks and Tootsie Rolls

We haven’t had hot chow for the last week and tonight we are going to, I can’t wait I’m about to starve eating the C-rations 3 times a day. I thought of another thing you could send me is