The GI in Vietnam

Feeling in Vietnam is that most back home, including lawmakers, do not understand or accept the truth that the conflict in Vietnam is war.  That the bulk of America considers Southeast Asia with confusion and mild contempt. A soldier returning home from Vietnam will find that people can’t yet point the country out on a … More The GI in Vietnam

To The 1/8th Cavalry

I knew of your deeds before I joined your ranks. Your fame was widespread including those on your flanks. On the 6th and 7th of December past, you met the NVA and he breathed his last. You had fought a battle that is still talked about, of your valor at Dai Dong there is not … More To The 1/8th Cavalry

I’ll be 20

Dear Mom & Dad, Well it’s getting close to the day when I’ll be 20 it’s kind of hard to believe it don’t seem possible. I got a few cards from Thompson, Justin, Sterling, Bert & Ruth, and Bertrand. Justin sent me a dollar which is not good over here because we only use MPC … More I’ll be 20