U.S. Army C-rations

My dad brought back his C-rations and each packet still contains its original contents. Matches Package reads: These matches are designed especially for damp climates. But, they will not light when wet, or after long exposure (several weeks) to very damp air. D.D. Bean & Sons, Jaffrey, NH

C-ration matches
C-ration matches

The C-ration packet below has the following words imprinted on it: Accessory Packet: Cigarettes; Matches; Chewing Gum; Toilet Paper; Coffee, Instant; Cream Substitute; Dry Kok (?) Dairy; Sugar; Salt

C-ration packet

Coffee, Instant Package reads: Directions: Dissolve contents in 1/3 canteen cup (8 ounces) of water. MFD. by: Tenco, a div. of the Coca-Cola Co., Linden, N.J. Coffee Instant Type II 2.5 grams net with ascorbic acid

Coffee, Instant

Cream Substitute Package reads: Cream Substitute Dry (for coffee or tea) 4 grams net Dissolve contents in 1/3 canteen cup (8oz.) of beverage, ingredients: corn syrup solids, vegetable fat, sodium caseinate, lactose, dipotassium phosphate, emulsifier sodium silicoaluminate, artificial flavor and artificial color

Cream Substitute

Sugar Package reads: Sugar 6 grams, American Sugar Company, 120 Wall St, New York, N.Y.


Salt Package reads: Vipco, Decatur, Alabama, Salt



Toilet Paper

Toilet Paper
Toilet Paper

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