One thought on “Veterans and Community Service

  1. You Sweet.This is in reply to your recent comment sent to
    Check this out. Here in the desert, so I am told today Russian and Chinese Military landed in Yuma, AZ. just down the road South of me.
    A friend told me yesterday evening about this going all viral on U Tube.
    Seemingly all the Silly-vilians here in this part of the world are, “OMG, Obama sold us out, Blasey, Blasey, Blasey.
    Hey America. Chill The fuck Out. Grab A Hold of yourself. This is called War Games. Been going on since for ever.
    Like the Olympics of Military.
    Who Jumps higher, runs faster. Us Marines refer to this as Shaking our D…
    You Get it.
    Yeah, The Departed is Great. Check out Reseviour Dogs.
    Oh Yeah. This Up your ally. On the front page of The AZ. Daily Star today the D.O.D. and state department admit incompetency regarding MIA/POW. Hmmm. Ya Think.
    Just off the top of my head over a hundred thousand.
    Thank You For Your Read and Kind Words. Keep up the good work.


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