How you gonna act? 3rd Platoon, Bravo Company

I found a photocopied letter with my dad’s Vietnam stuff and I thought I would share excerpts of it. Handwritten at the top is the following: Letter from Lt Simm from hospital after he was wounded. I don’t who the recipient was.

25 March 1968

Hi Pig,

I got your letter and the picture & I sure enjoyed hearing from you. Hey, that military courtesy was really something now that I’m First Lt and you’re a big, mean old Sgt. Congratulations on your promotion and on making it home.

It sure was nice to see you guys drinking and having fun on duty-reminded me of old times. I guess the third platoon will always be the same-not much for garrison, but tremendous in the field. Captain Brett wrote me how proud he was of you and the rest of the Company for what you did in the Bong Song fight. I will always regret missing out on it-I really hated to leave the field. But while you were fighting the NVA I was fighting for my life in the hospital. We both were.

I am recuperating from knee surgery now & will have to go under the knife 2 or 3 more times before they finish with me. I go down to plastic surgery this afternoon to get some scars on my throat taken off.

I didn’t know that Sgt Williams was wounded. How many did we lose? Did Tiny make it? Did you all run into any more gooks after Bong San? Were you operating close to Khe San?

I can never express how proud I was to serve with you and the rest of the platoon, and I will never forget any of you for the outstanding job you did and for the cooperation and help that you gave to me. History won’t remember the third platoon or even Bravo Company, but to me they will always be remembered as the best damn platoon and the best damn company in all of Vietnam. You will never receive the recognition or the praise that you so rightly deserve, but you know inside that you’re a man among men because you stood and fought with the best. Don’t be too hard on those hippie protestors; they act through childish ignorance. Only a combat soldier can really understand the meaning of peace because he has experienced the horrors of war. Only he can appreciate the value of freedom-freedom which so many others take for granted and abuse.

Well give ’em hell, but don’t burn any hutches or shoot any more pigs (relatives ha ha-how did you get that name?) Remember never make a daytime recon of an ambush site. And above all, watch out for booby traps.

Your friend,

Lt Simm

P.S. One more question. When you get back to the States, “How you gonna act?”