Tell All Hello: Letter Home 09/1967

Dear Mom and Dad,

Well it’s getting close to the day when I’ll be 20. It’s kind of hard to believe; it don’t seem possible. I got a few cards. Justin sent me a dollar which is not good over here because we only use MPC (Military Payment Certificate) but I was able to get rid of it by selling it to a guy that was going on R&R.

I am sending you a news clipping out of a paper that we receive out in the field called The Stars and Stripes. The Company that they are talking about is our Company but I wasn’t there at the time. I was in the hospital at Qui Nhon they thought I had appendicitis, but I didn’t, they didn’t know what I had.

Today I went to the dentist because I had a tooth that was giving me some trouble. When I told him I had a tooth on the right side that was giving me trouble he had a look and said you’ve got two that rotted so he pulled the rear one and the one in front of that he filled. He sure did a good job and I didn’t feel a thing but it kind of hurts now.

This makes the 10th day that I’ve been pulled out of the field but tomorrow I go back.

Well I think I’ll close with a big thank you for all the pkgs you send the radio, popcorn, shake-a-pudding, candy and all but especially for the letters. They mean so much over here. Lately I’ve been homesick because I guess in the rear you have more time to think of home.

Tell all hello.

Letter home dated 21 Sept 1967

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