We held the coastline, they held the highlands

Dear Mom and Dad,

Well we made that CA (combat attack) last night about 4AM they woke us up at 2 and had us get all our stuff together. We made the CA on a fairly good-sized village, it was 2000 meters long. As soon as we landed our company setup a blocking force on the outside so I’ve been sitting all day while the village is being searched. But that’s fine with me. After the village is searched we are going back and camp by the sea, for how long I do not know. I sure hope that it will be for a few days. Those swims in the sea are nice and the salt water heals your cuts which come easy over here and also become infected.

Well the 5th of this month will make it 1 month in Vietnam boy does the time go fast in the field. I sure hope that the rest of my time goes this fast. Now only 11 months left.How has everyone been at home? I can’t wait until I get home then maybe the 4 of us can go to some lake again and spend a few days. Those days at the lake were the best days of my leave and I mean it.

I sure enjoy the Kool-Aid that you’ve been sending me it tastes great. I am still looking for those packages you sent that Wednesday, they may come today. Hurry and send some moth balls and some brownies. A friend of mine received some and boy were they good, not as good as the ones I’ll get though. Another guy received some Tang, Life-Savers, gum, Kool-Aid-all kinds of good things. Over here everyone shares what they get.

There’s a rumor that the company will come out of the field the 15th of September and go back to An Khe to the battalion headquarters. It may only be for a few days but every day out of the field helps maybe a few weeks.

Well I am going to close for now and I’ll try and write a letter tomorrow if I have time.

All’s fine.

Letter home dated: 2 July 1967