Hanoi Jane and QVC

Link to her blog: http://janefonda.com/qvc-cancelled-my-appearance/

Summary: She wrote on her blog that QVC cancelled her appearance for fear of protestors gathering due to her opposition to the Vietnam War. She claims that, “I have never done anything to hurt my country or the men and women who have fought and continue to fight for us.”

Thoughts: Everyone is entitled to their opinion and has the right to free speech, with that being said, she, like so many celebrities, took advantage of her fame in order to gain access to media outlets to share her thoughts.  And, like so many celebrities, she lived in a bubble surrounded by people who constantly told her she was talented, beautiful, and smart so she believed that her opinions were worth sharing.  And, like so many celebrities, it never occurred to her that people might not like what she had to say and might not agree with her opinion.  And, like so many celebrities, she never realized the little bubble she lives in can’t really protect her from the real world us common folk live in. And, like so many celebrities, she never thought one’s actions, regardless of the intentions behind them, have consequences.

This site sums up quite nicely my sentiments: http://www.1stcavmedic.com/jane_fonda.htm

I have heard and read that some people believe that Jane Fonda was simply young and impressionable.   Jane Fonda was born on December 21, 1937.   She was 34 years old when she made her infamous trip to North Vietnam and was in her 30’s when she participated in anti-war demonstrations and rallies.  During this same time period a large number of young American soldiers, who had not yet reached their 21st birthday, were fighting the war in Vietnam and were held accountable for all of their actions.  These same young soldiers were, upon their return to the United States, still not of legal age to vote or buy alcoholic beverages.  Jane Fonda was an adult when she made these conscious decisions and actions, and as such, she is responsible and should be held accountable.  The Vietnam Memorial Wall contains the names of 25,493 American soldiers who served their Country and paid the ultimate price for freedom who were under the age of 21 ( Casualty Statistics).  

My dad loathed this woman. He remembered what she did and the effect it had on the boys he served with, he told me how he was treated upon his return from Vietnam.