That First Day was Hell

A Shau Valley

Dear Mom & Dad

Today I figure that I only have 25 days left in country. I have 15 days left in the field and at the moment I am in the rear getting my teeth fixed. I’ve been out of the field since the morning of the 2nd. Tomorrow morning I have to go and get one pulled. I sure hope I can ghost some more time. I am too short to go back to the field. Our unit is now in the A Shau Valley and that’s no place for me to be as short as I am. Getting my teeth fixed was a gift from God. It sure won’t be long, and I’ll be home, that’s all I can think of.

I’m kind of afraid to go home, that sure sounds funny. Today is Sunday and the gooks were throwing rockets at us on LZ Sharon, that’s our company’s rear supply. LZ Evans is our forward supply.

Well there’s not much news so I think I’ll be closing. I am sorry it’s such a short letter but couldn’t think of anything to write about. See you in a few days if God wills it so.

Letter home dated 5 May 1968

Source unknown