August 1967 Letter Home

Dear Mom & Dad,

Well my writing has sure slowed down a lot and I am sorry but I haven’t felt much like writing.

Yesterday 4 choppers came and picked up our platoon from a rice paddy. I was on ship #4 so I asked one of the door gunners on the ship if he knew Lenny Knudson and he said he was on one of the ships so I started to look around and I saw him on #3. When we landed at the LZ I ran over to his ship, I was only able to talk to him a few seconds but today he came in on his ship and his ship stayed here for a while so I talked to him for about 10 minutes. I sure never thought I’d see him over here. I never dreamed of both of us going to fight in a war. It seems like those days are so far gone and I feel so much older now.

Well 2 days ago I received the fudge and it sure was good, everyone else liked it too. Yesterday I got a box of candy and that went real fast also.

Well it won’t be long before I’ll have 3 months over here. I am beginning to be an old soldier. Now it’s 9 months & days and by the 5th it will be 8 months & days. Time goes fast. Soon monsoon. I’m not looking forward to that.

We are on a LZ now, it was blown up once and now they are going to rebuild it so we will be here til Friday. Well I got to close so I can get this mailed tonight.

Letter home dated: 22 August 1967 and signed: Your baby son