R&R and fishing trips

Vietnam soldier by bunkerDear Mom and Dad,

Not much news but I thought I’d drop you a line to tell you everything is fine.

Well I made machine gunner for sure now, that’s all right with me. I sure lucked out for one thing in order to be gunner you start out as ammo bearer then asst gunner then gunner. As gunner you don’t have to dig fox holes or go on details instead you send one of the other two men.

Well today I received 2 packages and a letter from you. 1 package was all candy and the other fudge. Boy it sure was good and it went fast. I got all kinds of candy to eat. When you send me film why don’t you send me color slides I think they would look better.  I’ve just about used up the film. I sure hope they turn out ok.

I sure didn’t feel like writing today but I figured I had better since you have taken time and trouble to write and mail me all kinds of stuff. I don’t know where you get the idea that your letters are dry that’s the last thing they are. I enjoy each letter from home.

Well I put in for my R&R at Formosa in November.

Well I’m sorry it’s short but I’m just saying that everything is fine.

P.S. Looking forward to that fishing trip when I get home.

Letter home dated 21 July 1967