Machine gunner at LZ Geronimo

On patrol Vietnam countrysideDear Mom and Dad,

Well here we are at LZ Geronimo (that famous Indian) we came here from LZ English and I think that we will be staying here for about a week because we are getting a new captain. That’s a good thing.

(He spends part of the letter frustrated by loved ones at home who don’t take the time to write to him) If she thinks she has trouble finding time she should be over here, walk up and down mountains all day; dig a foxhole; set up a tent; eat. I’m the one that ain’t got the time.  If you only knew how tired we are and how we like to sit and do nothing, all of us are dead tired. Some of those mountains we climb are straight up, then we go down the other side to go up another one. That takes everything out of you. So believe me when I take time to say a few things.

Received a letter from you today and was so glad to receive it. They just brought me a package so that’s number 2, I am going to wait until after chow to open it. I sure can’t wait to open it.

Well yesterday they made me a machine gunner on a M60 machine gun. It will only be for a while. The other new guy was only on it for 3 days and he got infection in his arms from thorns and had to go to An Khe for treatment.  I’d like to stay on as gunner but won’t.

I got a sunburn on my back yesterday while we were repairing our bunker; I had my shirt off.

I just opened the package, had gum, malted milk balls, that means something to eat while on guard duty tonight.All fine but I have one thing to complain about, that’s hearing some of the guys saying that they have 2 months or 2 days left in the field but I tell them that my day is coming.