Bats in the foxhole

Vietnamese villagersDear Dad & Mom,

I don’t know how long this letter will be.  You will hear that in almost every letter I write, but I’ll write as much as I can.

Yesterday we secured a village while the South Vietnam Police went through it. We then made a CA on top of a mountain we set up at the same place that we made the CA. This morning the third platoon came down the mountain (that’s the platoon I’m in) we are now setting up security for the 2nd platoon, which will be coming in on copters from their 24 hours at LZ English. Tomorrow is our day if things go right, then the second platoon is going to set up a road block while we check out a railroad tunnel, which has never been checked out before and it’s about 500 meters long. That’s going to be fun, bats and all.

One night three of us were sitting in a foxhole when I looked behind me and I thought I saw something by the side of my head so I reached up and touched the back of my neck and shirt to see if I could feel if anything landed there.  There wasn’t so I then put my hand on the back of my helmet and grabbed a bat.  Boy don’t think I didn’t give that thing a throw; it gave me the creeps. I’ll never forget that.

Well tell all hello and that I miss them but it won’t be long before I’ll be home. By the time you receive this letter a little more than half of my second month will be gone.