What rhymes with (Agent) Orange?

Are you aware that August is Agent Orange Awareness Month?  I only recently learned that this month is officially designated as such here S.RES.248 and here (Senator Collins’ website).

AO contained a known poison but because it was not weaponized or at least not classified as a chemical weapon (i.e., its target was not humans) its use was acceptable. There are now 15 diseases linked to AO exposure including Type 2 Diabetes, which my dad was diagnosed with in 2006. Like many soldiers, he was told not to worry about it; harmless they said.

Still fighting the Vietnam War

For whatever reason my dad had the VA write a standard letter that read:

The official records of the Department of Veterans Affairs show that [my dad] is permanently and totally disabled for purposes of the VA.

He was officially diagnosed 100% permanently disabled with PTSD in the early nineties.  (I have the official paperwork somewhere.)  He also had: diabetes, a condition his doctor attributed to Agent Orange exposure, brought on by the Vietnam War Continue reading