Book Review

A long time ago, I included a Goodreads widget to highlight books, fiction and non, about the Vietnam War and realized that I had not read any. Oops. So, here are my reviews of three books.

A fantastic read and a must-read. I was drawn into the book and read every word. Published in 1977, this book encapsulates the experiences (both real and imagined) of the author who was a war correspondent for Esquire magazine during the Vietnam War, from 1967-69. The frenetic stream of consciousness writing style fits so well with the pace of the war and the story as it unfolds.

The author also contributed to the screenplays of Vietnam War movies, Apocalypse Now and Full Metal Jacket (Source).


Published in 1990, this fictional account of American soldiers in Vietnam focuses on what they carry with them throughout the war, not just their gear, but also small tokens and trinkets that symbolize home, their lives before the war, and their humanity.

I wish I would’ve asked my dad what he had carried with him, such a simple question too.


I’ll forego my opinion of this book and leave you with my dad’s thoughts on it. He considered this book, published in 1987, to be the best book on the 1st Cav in Vietnam, without exception.
















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